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The Vicast Network is Vikor's #1 hub for premium content. From staff announcements and compliance updates, to case study analysis, trainings and continued educations...the Vicast Network has it all.

Mike Fig's 'Nugget Mania' Podcast
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Michael Figueroa a.k.a 'Mike Fig' shares his golden nuggets of Vikor truth. Fig's podcast, entitled 'Nugget Mania' ranges deals with a variety of topics such as case study readings, Q & A's as well as quick tips while out in the field.

Mike Fig & Lindsey Leech 'Deeper Dive' Podcast
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Mike Fig with Clinician, Lindsey Leech pair up to discuss case studies on a deeper level. This podcast show is a must-listen that helps account reps gain a more in-depth understanding of panel-specific, clinical conversation.

Nelson's Mid-Month Motivation Podcast

Tune in as Dewayne Nelson provides motivational messaging that not only inspires, but also allows account reps to maximize how they can build their book of business and grow their panels with intention.

Compliance & Announcements
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Stay in the 'Know' and never miss an opportunity to listen to  Vikor's Compliance and Announcement messages. Learn all the ways of how to stay connected and get involved without missing a beat.

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